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2019 Legislative Priorities

FUELIowa is the voice and resource for Iowa’s fuel industry. We advocate for innovative and quality fuel options, consumer and environmental protection and fairness in the marketplace.  Our members are invested in bringing the best gasoline, diesel, propane, ethanol, biodiesel and other liquid fuels to Iowans.

Allocate Funding to E15 Fueling Infrastructure

FUELIowa urges the allocation of resources to assist retailers with accessible grant funds to install equipment compatible with E15. All resources available should be considered for a grant program, including promotional tax credits and excise tax incentives currently used to encourage consumer purchases of ethanol-blended fuels.

Focus UST Fund Balances on Active Businesses

As the Iowa Underground Storage Tank (UST) Cleanup Fund continues to operate without new funding, remaining monies should be prioritized to focus on active fuel marketing businesses with UST fund-eligible expenses. Narrowing this focus preserves the rural fuel distribution network identified in the enacting language of this law. Specifically, FUELIowa urges (1) the elimination of non-essential expenditures out of the UST fund, (2) a hard cut-off date for non-operational fuel tank access to monies and (3) prioritized funding for No Further Action expenses incurred on sites reopened by DNR. Monies will soon be expended leaving fuel marketers exposed to potential expenses involved with removing older, non-E15 compatible, tanks that could become an environmental concern.

Allow Convenience Stores to Opt Out of Bottle and Can Redemption

FUELIowa urges lawmakers to allow convenience-type businesses to voluntarily opt-out of the bottle and can redemption requirements until the law is repealed or substantially overhauled. The handling fee is no longer sufficient to fund economically stable, stand-alone redemption centers designed to protect workers and consumers from the health threats posed by post-consumer containers. Convenience stores are spatially and service challenged to handle the increased volume of containers they are receiving because redemption centers can no longer afford to be in business. Stores are bearing the container handling costs while the beverage distributors are the only ones benefitting from this dysfunctional outdated law. 

Ensure Economic Prosperity for Iowa Businesses

FUELIowa supports a competitive business climate with a clear business-friendly tax system, broadband internet access statewide, streamlined permit and tax procedures and future-ready workforce development.

FUELIowa members include fuel distributors, cooperatives, grocery and convenience stores, truck stops, refiners, biofuel producers and many other businesses that support these companies. Together, we fuel Iowa’s economy.

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